6" Mini Tabletop Salt & Pepper Grinders



  • Handmade item
  • Size: 6" body, 6-1/2" overall height
  • Materials: Black Walnut, Silver Maple
  • Ships within United States and Canada

Click image to view Grinder

This is a matched set of salt and pepper grinders made out of Colorado Black Walnut and Silver Maple.  They are shaped with a clean flowing curve which compliments well with the large crank handle.


The grinders are 6" tall, and fit in your hand nicely.  A few turns of the handle will deliver freshly ground pepper or salt from a light dusting to coarse grind.  The size of grind is easily adjusted by turning the knob on top of the mill.


The pictures show the grinders from all 4 sides.  Both grinders feature a high quality ceramic grinding mechanism, which should give years of trouble free use.


To refill the mills, simply unscrew the knob on top and remove the crank handle. Fill with peppercorns or salt crystals, reinstall the crank handle and knob, and adjust the grind size.


All items are handmade by me using urban (city) Colorado wood.

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