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Black Walnut with Spiral Rim



• Handmade item

• Size: 15" inches diameter

• Materials: Black Walnut

• Ships within United States and Canada

This is a stunning Colorado Black Walnut platter.   There are several details that catch your eye, the most prominent is the spiral edge treatment that gives the platter a scalloped effect.  The top has a bead to give definition to the edge of the rim before dipping down into the center.  The bottom has a spiral detail around the foot to make it stand out. You might find yourself looking at the bottom as often as you do the front!  Combine all of these features with the rich chocolate Walnut, and you have a true heirloom.


Proudly display this on a stand to admire every time you walk by, and then use it when the need arises for a large 15" platter.

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