Fiddleback Silver Maple 2-Bowl Set



• Handmade item

• Size: Large bowl: 10”, Small bowl: 7”

• Materials: Silver Maple

• Ships within United States and Canada

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This is a two bowl nested set of highly figured Fiddleback Silver Maple. Fiddleback is sometimes called Tiger Maple, Striped Maple, or Curly Maple.  The end result is the beautiful ripple look.


The ripples give the illusion that the bowl is rough or bumpy, but that’s just an illusion as the bowls are perfectly smooth. Ripples will make the wood look alive when viewed from different angles due to the difference in light refraction caused by the stripes. Maple with this much figure is highly sought after.


The figure goes all the way through both bowls, and can be seen on the inside and outside. The smaller bowl is taken from the core or center of the larger bowl. The figure, grain, and color are a perfect match to each other.


The large bowl measures 10" in diameter and 3-7/8" tall.

The small bowl measures 6-7/8" diameter and 1-7/8" tall.

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