Highly Figured Silver Maple, 10" tall



• Handmade item

• Size: 10” tall

• Materials: Silver Maple, Stainless Steel mechanism

• Ships within United States and Canada

• To refill, unscrew the knurled knob and remove the top.  Fill with peppercorns leaving 1/2" for the top to fit back on.

Click image to view peppermill

This Silver Maple Peppermill is some of the best looking Silver Maple wood that I have run across.  The figure goes all the way around, and the different streaks of color and dark lines really make this a show piece. It is gorgeous to look at and to hold.


At 10" tall, you will want to proudly display this on your table or counter when not using it. But as pretty as it is, it's meant to be used. So leave it next to the stove when you cook, and then place it on the table for everyone to enjoy as they grind fresh pepper.


I use a Deluxe Stainless Steel grinding mechanism which is durable, high quality, requires no maintenance, and is made in the USA. The mechanism will not corrode and should last a lifetime.


The details on my peppermills extend beyond just the outside. The bottom is finished to the same high standards and detail as the rest of the mill. The top turns smoothly and freely - you will never have a squeaky or binding top in any of my mills.

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