Honey Locust 3-Bowl Nested Set



• Handmade item

• Size: Large bowl: 12-1/2", Medium bowl: 9", Small bowl: 6-1/2”

• Materials: Honey Locust

• Ships within United States and Canada

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This set of 3 bowls were all made from one piece of Honey Locust. This guarantees a perfect grain and color match throughout all 3 bowls.


Honey Locust is one the hardest woods that we have in Colorado, being tight grained and dense. Normal dings will not affect Honey Locust like softer woods, which means these bowls will still look good years from now.  The orange tint of Honey Locust makes you and your guests notice the bowl when it's sitting on your table.


The large bowl is 12-1/2" in diameter and 4-1/2" tall. The rim is 7/8" wide, and the wall thickness tapers down to reduce weight.


The middle bowl is 9-1/8" in diameter and would make a good side dish bowl for potatoes, green beans or other vegetables.


The small bowl is 6-1/2" diameter and 1-3/8" tall, and would make a good candy or nut bowl.

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