Purpleheart Pizza Cutter



• Handmade item

• Size: 10-3/4" overall with a 5-1/2" long wood handle

• Materials: Purpleheart, Stainless Steel cutter

• Ships within United States and Canada

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This is a Stainless Steel pizza cutter with 4" diameter blade. The handle is made from Purpleheart, which is a strong, dense, exotic wood. The wood is so durable that it can be used in applications that require toughness, such as the decking on semi-trailer trucks. That gives you an idea of it's durability! This pizza cutter will be around for a long time, and the handle will not break when you're cutting that extra thick crust.


The handle is 6" long, 1-1/4" at it's widest, and an overall length of 11".  The handle feels good in your hand with a long shallow curve for your thumb and finger to naturally fall into and grab.


Hand wash only.  Never put a wood handled utensil in the dishwasher.

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