Siberian Elm Crotch



• Handmade item

• Size: 12-1/2" inches diameter

• Materials: Siberian Elm

• Ships within United States and Canada

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This is a beautiful Colorado Siberian Elm platter. The wood came from the crotch of the tree, which is where two branches of a tree split off from the main trunk.


The rim is 1.25" wide and features an upturn flare where the bowl portion starts.  This flare keeps food where it belongs, and your thumb naturally rests up against the flare when carrying the platter.


This platter is a good size at just under 12.5" diameter and 1.5" tall, which is a good usable size that doesn't take up half the table.  As pretty as it is you may decide to display it on a stand instead of storing it away.

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