Silver Maple, 2 Bowl Set



• Handmade item

• Size:  Large bowl: 10-1/4" diameter  Small bowl:  7" diameter

• Materials: Silver Maple

• Ships within United States and Canada

Click image to view bowl

This two bowl set is made from urban Silver Maple.  It features a lot of dark heartwood with a bit of lighter sapwood to give contrast and visual interest. There is a single bead detail around the outside of the large bowl.  The inside rim is slightly undercut, which combined with the bead feels good in your hand as you carry the bowl.   The small dish is made from the core (or center) of the larger bowl, so the grain and color match perfectly.


The large bowl is 10-1/4" diameter wide and 3-1/8" tall - the perfect size for everyday use from salad to pasta to popcorn.  The smaller dish is 7" diameter and 1-1/4" tall.

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