Spalted Silver Maple #2



• Handmade item

• Size: 8-1/2” overall height

• Materials: Silver Maple, Stainless Steel mechanism

• Ships within United States and Canada

• To refill, unscrew the knurled knob and remove the top.  Fill with peppercorns leaving 1/2" for the top to fit back on

Click image to view peppermill

This is an 8" tall spalted Silver Maple peppermill, made from urban wood.  The chrome knob adds 1/2" for an overall height of 8-1/2".


Many times Silver Maple is light colored and somewhat plain.  Spalting adds a whole new look, and there's no way you can call this peppermill plain!  I got the wood from an Arborist that was going to throw it away, and I could not let him do that. No matter which way you look at the mill, you'll see amazing figure.


I use a Deluxe Stainless Steel grinding mechanism which is durable, high quality, requires no maintenance, and is made in the USA. The mechanism will not corrode and should last a lifetime.


The details on my peppermills extend beyond just the outside. The bottom is finished to the same high standards and detail as the rest of the mill.  The top turns smoothly and freely - you will never have a squeaky or binding top in any of my mills.  The fit between top and bottom is perfect - just as you would expect an heirloom should be!

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